Play Your Love Song

Sing Your SongRemember your song? The one the two of you danced to at you wedding? Or the song that was blasting on your car radio on your way to the beach? Or the song the two of you sang  karaoke night on your first date? Of all the sounds that fill the air, piercing through the cacophony of life, this tune provides the two of you with the happiest sound of all. Yes love requires occasionally peace and quiet to prosper, it can also thrive surrounded by your happy love song.

Don’t allow your song to disappear into the ether. Use it to communicate the love you have for each other; maybe even play it every day. Perhaps you could use it to wake up to every morning or listen to it right before you go to bed. Use it as the background of your voicemail. Whistle it while you’re preparing dinner. Others may share your song, but when you set the music playing, for that moment it’s all yours . . . not just for one of you, but for both of you. The notes can help tie you closer together, and the more you play it, the tighter the ties that bind will be.

While music is meant to be heard, it can also be written in a text message or an email, on their  Facebook wall and of course you can write it on twitter  or do it the old-fashioned way and write it on sweetheart cards. There’s a woman in Montreal who makes pins out of the music of popular songs. Whether it is one of her pieces of jewelry or in another form, like through you favorite social media  or the old fashion  stationery, you can show your love for your song and your love by displaying these notes in many places where sounds are out-of-place.


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